Inspiration - For you who also go into fashion

The teeshop specializes in the classic, elegant and solid color tshirt, for the fashionable man. It is needed in the wardrobe, as a stable and safe basic item, under the blazer, simple pullover, Coat jacket or just to create a casual and simple look in conjunction with the washed jeans. The simple cut and the TeeShop's secure fit, with individual touches, can create an extravagant and serious look for the targeted man and also establish a loose, calm and clean look for the guy in the everyday street scene. Below we see examples of how the timeless basic tee, create fashionable, simple outfits in light shades with the fitted sleeves and also create an elegant and classic set using the teeshop's navy or black model.


Actor and model Zac Efron wears here on the rectangular inspiration image on the left side, the popular black basic tee, in a classic cut - he makes the outfit elegant and masculine with a charcoal gray blazer. The black tee creates a stylish interplay without taking too much eye-catching. The style is calm and complete with the accompanying dark denim jeans, which gives the nice play between black basic and the gray blazer model an overall lowkey statement.

The loose jeans trend is a popular item complemented by the solid color tshirt. The right rectangular inspiration image, shows a different look, the light denim can create with the black tee. A coat jacket has been added here, which makes the popular tee act as a quiet background item that creates light and catch for the white sneakers. here is the importance of having simple and clean tees in the wardrobe - that can make room for cool colorful sneakers, which in this case manage to make the look fresh, and also the hazel coat jacket is allowed to act as an elegant and nice statement to the otherwise sporty and bright overall impression.

The round neck and the right fit have become a necessary piece in your everyday wardrobe - and the trend is persistent. We still see the "white tee" as the fashion houses' absolute favorite, collection after collection. The simple white cotton item, retains its great dominance in the everyday street scene. Since culture icon James Deans wore the white tee under the leather jacket back in the 50s, the white simple tshirt design has taken hold in the fashion world, as a raw, cool and classic look in conjunction with worn denim.

At the tee shop, we understand the white tee's well