Basic T-shirt - description

The World's Most Democratic Garment; the simple cut, the round collar, the soft and neutral but at the same time timeless design. That's what characterizes this fashion unique - the T-shirt. A gentle cotton material that manages to create character and modern individualism.

It's not hard to see where the name of this piece of clothing comes from, if you place the t-shirt flat down, a big T appears clearly. The t-shirt has its origins back to the Spanish-American War in the early 1900s. Here it was used by the American soldiers in the navy, to act as an undershirt under the thick uniform.

After the end of the war, the T-shirt became part of the uniform - as it was both heavy and hot in the summer months. It thus became a common sight to see the veterans wearing large military trousers and a classic t-shirt in the colors of the defense: Khaki, Sand and Black.

The t-shirt also no longer belongs under shirts , as a basic and practical undershirt for the common man.

The design has really been given new life, and it is not just the t-shirt with print, motifs or text and in a sea of ​​colors we leave alone and play a central role in our outfit.

We saw the icon James Dean wear the classic white t-shirt under the leather jacket, back in the 50s, also on Marlor Brando in the film production: "Transition to Paradise" where the t-shirt was really allowed to shine as a solo design - t the shirt as a central element in the attire, has really returned to the big fashion houses, the last few seasons, as a good tool for the more variegated items in the closet.

Are you the guy who is often worn - classic, modern and completely cool and raw outfits, with a safe and neutral approach. Then there is the black cotton tee with a round neck, for formal occasions with a pair of black skinny jeans or shiny habit trousers, and also an angular blazer and also the newly modern and stylish "black" v-neck tee for the cool, stylish and fashionable overall look, with ripped jeans and a charismatic biker jacket in a thick leather.

If, on the other hand, you are a fresh, fashion-conscious and casual guy with a young and sporty look - then the plain white t-shirt is ideal. The reigning ruler of the t-shirt, a classic in the wardrobe you can never get too many of. Pair it with a pair of bright "washed" denim colored jeans and your absolute favorite sneaks, and you are guaranteed to never go wrong in the city!

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