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It's almost a week since you last read our Weekly Outfit, so it's time for a new one. Read on and see if you can get some inspiration for the next time you need to shop for some nice clothes for the wardrobe.


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ugens outfit

Hall Long Sleeved Shirt
Here you see our Hall Long Sleeved shirt from Minimum. In recent times, it has become really popular to go in shirts that have a minimalist pattern. This Hall shirt is a perfect example of that. Therefore, we think you should strongly consider this type the next time you shop for a nice shirt.

Norden Chino
One of the fashion items that is right popular and almost always a sure winner chinos. If you are interested in knowing how to style a pair of Chinos, then we highly recommend that you read this article. Here you see our Norden Chinos in brown. This week we have made sure to put together a casual look that you can always use, whether you are going to the city or if you just need to relax. Here we mean that chinos are a sure winner if you do not quite know what to wear.

Ford Lightweight Jacket
In writing there are 2 plus degrees which unfortunately does not allow you to just run around without a jacket. However, it is not so cold that you have to use your winter jackets. Of course, this does not mean that you can not go in a stylish jacket. This week we have found our Ford Lightweight Jacket. The jacket is made of polyester and a little bit of elastane. This means that you get a jacket that is not only durable, but you also get a jacket that is pliable and flexible.

Stretch Belt
This is not a variant that you see so much in the street scene, and it needs to be changed. The cool thing about this belt is that there is a good stretch in the belt. The belt, for example, fits really well with the chinos we have just mentioned. as I said, it also requires that you have your underwear in order. Here you see our underpants from Urban Classic where you get 2 pairs. As you are probably familiar with, there are some people who only buy their underwear on the condition that there must be the "right" brand / logo. At Teeshoppen, our specialty is that we sell high quality clothes, so you do not have to pay for the brand, but for the quality of the clothes. Of course, this also applies to our underpants, as you can see here.

Urban Classics Socks
Whether it's summer or winter, there's one thing we just can not do without, and that is of course socks we are thinking of here. Here you get a package of 3 pieces from Urban Classic. The socks are stylish and work both if they are to be worn in a business context or with a pair of sneakers.


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Local Pusher Hood
On the occasion that we have chosen to put together this week's outfit based on an urban themed theme, we think it would be absolutely perfect to incorporate our great classic namely Local Pusher Hoodie. Here we have chosen to find the white hoodie, with the black logo across the chest.

Lotus NW Hyper Jeans
The next item we need to look at is our Lotus NW Hyper Jeans. These jeans are slim fit, which means that they sit super close and have an incredibly nice fit. However, these jeans contain a small amount of elastane of 2%.The advantage of buying jeans with elastane is that you get a pair of jeans with stretch, which means that you get a pair of jeans that are both comfortable to wear, but also have a good look

Bomber Jackets
Here you see our bomber jacket in olive. We think this bomber jacket deserves a place on the weekly outfit because we just can not get enough of it. So if you are looking for a smart bomber jacket for the rest of your outfit, then we think you should take a look at this jacket.

If there is an accessory that all women should own, then it is a stylish handbag. This time we have found our black Molly handbag. The black diamond pattern combined the various silver elements of the handbag, we just think is super cool.

That was all we had in this week's Weekly Outfit. Remember to follow us on the social media Facebook and Instagram, so you can see when we release new products and not least run the wildest offers.