TeeShoppen elsker kultserien Stranger Things

The TeeShop loves the cult series Stranger Things

The Netflix series Stranger Things is cool, nerdy and exudes 80s retro vibes. The series, despite the very young cast, is aimed at adults who can remember the early 80s where the series takes place. If you're into movies like ET, The Goonies, Alien or series like Twin Peaks, then Stranger Things is absolutely ideal for you, as it manages to bring out a very special 80s nostalgia in you that can still remember how it was to be a child / young person in the 1980s. The overall vibe of the TV series and the nostalgic undertones at the same time manage to make retro things like a bmx bike or a purple hoodie with print for high fashion items that everyone just has to have!

Now it's almost three weeks ago that the series Stranger Things season 2 premiered on Netflix - and we here in the TeeShop have hardly been able to talk about anything but Dustin's new white teeth, Steve's indispensable hair tips, the Student's curly locks, and… yes, what really happens so that Mad Max can beat Dustin's high score in the arcade game Dig Dug ??

We absolutely love the series, where you follow Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Mad Max and Eleven on their journey to fight the dark monsters that have taken over the city, and thereby also to get closed the entrance to “the upside down”. We love the story itself in the series, but it is certainly also the whole atmosphere with the nostalgic 80s vibes that manages to be the big attraction.

Maybe it's because the series is so nicely made… but we can not help but wish we had the boys' retro bikes at home in the garage, even played on the cool retro arcade slot machines, or even be able to talk to our friends in walkie-talkies. We fall completely in love with all the retro things that are presented in the series, and that may be because the story, which takes place in 1983, is still not that far from us.

From old-fashioned to cool retro

When the big fashion houses launch the latest fashion items for both their S / S and F / W collections, we have in recent years both seen completely new trends, but also many trends that originate from both the 70s, 80s and 90s. Against this background, the Stranger Things series probably premiered at the perfect time, because why else would you make a series in 2016 (when the series' first season premiered), which takes place in the 80s, if you did not somehow know , that people would love the 'old' clothes that the series' characters wear, as well as the things that have been given some prominent roles in the series, such as the cool bmx bikes or the retro walkie-talkies that the boys use to communicate with each other?

Not only do we love the story and of course the charming characters, we also love the world that the series' directors The Duffer Brothers pull us into. It's a world filled with the sound of the 80s that one is greeted with already in the intro, where you are also greeted by floating neon red letters, as well as a world that manages to make the 80s cool and trendy. One can only say that you simply become so fascinated and excited about the whole 80's atmosphere that you are greeted by throughout.

In the same way, Will will fall completely in love with the cool style of the series 'characters, from Dustin's colored hoodies and t-shirts with print, to Lucas' letterman jackets and Mike's striped sweatshirts as well as polo shirts. Items that of course were really cool back in the 1980s and which today are described as being a bit old-fashioned actually also have a status of being cool and retro, which is why they are absolutely ideal to bring to light in the year 2017, where you like to see both outfits and individual pieces, which is a mix between something state-of-the-art and something retro or vintage.

Get the same cool style you see in Stranger Things a la 2017

Although it is quite clear that the clothes that you see Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Mad Max and Eleven wearing in the series originate from the early 80's, we can still see the really cool in their style, which is not entirely strange, because you can easily find the same items that especially the boys wear in the series, in the fashion picture today

Buy Dustin's popular dinosaur hoodie

After Stranger Things season 2 premiered for Halloween this year, one suddenly saw a huge demand for a vintage purple hoodie with the skeleton of a Brontosaurus that the character Dustin is wearing in the first episode of season 2. There was so much demand for the jersey that The Science Museum of Minnesota had to bring the hoodie back to their merchandise shop, after which their website crashed due to the high demand. However, they managed to sell 80,000 hoodies in just one day!

It's crazy to think that a series that takes place in the 80's with characters who are children can sell such a large demand for a single purple hoodie with a print of the skeleton of an old extinct dinosaur . But it's also just a clear proof of how popular the series is, as well as of how cool we actually think retro items are, and how we would like to include them in our style.

You can buy a remake of Dustin's popular hoodie here at the shop, as well as other versions such as t-shirt or crewneck.

Buy them here .

Bring out the retro style of simple items

In the series, we see many hoodies, zip hoodies, t-shirts with prints, forester shirts, bomber jackets and cool caps, which we actually also see in the Danish fashion picture today. So why not bring these items to light so you can feel just as cool as 'The-Stranger-Things-kids', as well as feel that nostalgia and retro 80s vibe that we are all completely in love with from series.

It's actually quite simple… a t-shirt with print is always a winner and you can easily throw your zip hoodie over, either in a color or simply black or gray, or you can style it with a forester shirt and let it stand open. If you want to be completely retro, just throw in a cap in several colors or one with a print. Then finish off your outfit with a classic bomber jacket or denim jacket, then you definitely have a look a la 2017 with ancestry from Stranger Things and the early 80s.

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The TeeShop loves Stranger Things

At TeeShoppen, we not only love the cult series Stranger Things, we are also absolutely crazy about the cool retro style that we see in the series, and which you can easily bring out in a very simple way today. We think that the series 'popularity stems from the underlying 80s vibe that flows through the series, as well as the series' charming cast, far more than the slightly strange sci-fi narrative that no one really understands how it originated.

And of course we love the humor of the series, which shines through every single scene - even the more harsh and eerie scenes - for who does not think that Dustin is totally charming when he repeatedly tells about his new 'pearls' in season 2?

"That's right, she will not be able to resist these pearls." Dustin, Stranger Things season 2

The series' six main characters are just the coolest nerds delivering the best punchlines time and time again.You can hardly stand Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will as they troop up to school for Halloween dressed from top to toe in their Ghost Busters costumes and discover that they are the only ones who have dressed up that day … Laughing Out Loud moment right there!

You almost want to throw on the Ghost Busters costume yourself, and then show up in the schoolyard and discover that you are the only one who has had this thought - because it's way too sweet and nerdy ! And yes, then of course there are also the sweet moments, for who does not think it is totally sweet when Mike and Eleven finally give each other a… well yes .. UPS, spoiler alert!

Until next season hits Netflix for Halloween in 2018, we here at TeeShop will at least ride a little further on the wave over how cool we actually think the series is, and maybe jump in Dustin's cool purple dinosaur hoodie and dream that we could forget the whole series so you can see it all again for the very first time!

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