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We love our customers and therefore we also care a lot about our customers being satisfied - otherwise our work would be meaningless. We therefore greatly appreciate when our customers take the time to write to us or come by the office to give us feedback on our work. The vision with the TeeShop is to have Denmark's best customer service, which is why we always work on optimizing our service based on the feedback we receive from our customers. It can not help that we walk around and think that we are good at what we do, if our customers do not agree.

When you run a webshop, the most important thing is that our customers are both happy with the products we sell, but also with the service we provide - and it should be a combination of these. If our customers think that our goods are really good, but at the same time believe that the level of service is at an all-time low, then we can almost be sure that they will not come again, nor if the opposite is the case. We should preferably both provide a really good service and sell goods of a really good quality, so that we can get happy customers who also want to shop with us again.

Of course, it can be difficult to make everyone happy, as we know that all our customers are different and therefore also look differently at what includes good products and good customer service. Against this background, we always try to regularly review the feedback we receive through our TrustPilot profile and also occasionally ask the customers who come by our warehouse / store in Skalborg what they think about us. We value our customers' feedback so we always know what we could do better and what we do really well.

Our customers are the very best reference

There may be quite a few “recipes” on how to run a webshop in terms of customer service, but in the end, it is the customers' opinions that matter most. Our goal for good customer service is therefore to constantly keep an eye on what our customers think we do well and what we can do better. The vision with the TeeShop is to be a webshop with Denmark's best customer service - and it has succeeded to that extent, if you ask us!

But of course anyone can claim that, which is why we like to give the floor to our customers ...

In the autumn of 2017, we therefore asked three of our customers who were past our warehouse / store in Skalborg why they shop at exactly TeeShoppen.dk. Both Andy, Troels and Michael are fully satisfied with the customer service we provide, and then they all three pretty much agree that we have super fast delivery. See below where Andy, Troels and Michael quickly outline what they think of the TeeShop.

Andy Hemmingsen:

" Service, quality and delivery time. It takes a maximum of one day most often"

Troels Sander Thomsen:

“The good prices and I think it fits super fat. Especially their hoodies sit fucking well. And then of course the fast delivery! "

Michael Kærgaard Jacobi:

“The good prices and I think it fits super fat. Especially their hoodies sit fucking well. And then of course the fast delivery! "

Michael Kærgaard Jacobi:

“I shop at the TeeShop because they have the white t-shirts that I love. Good fit, good customer service, and they are super fast for delivery! ”

TrustPilot reviews

Below is an excerpt of the reviews we have received from our customers on TrustPilot. We really appreciate that our customers give themselves time to write a review.

Fantastic company I have now bought over 20 t-shirts from the Tee shop. They have the best fit on the market, high quality for the price, and lightning fast delivery. The other day I ordered a new delivery at 15:45 in the afternoon, and at 7:30 the next morning the package was in front of my front door.

Andreas Skifter Madsen, 1 November 2017

Super good products.
Good delivery time.
Good service.
Easy website to navigate.
No problems and I am very happy with my shoes and t-shirts. BTW these are the coolest t-shirts I've ever tried.

Oliver Borgstrøm, 20 October 2017

I ordered a lot of t-shirts, hoodies, turtlenecks and a pair of hats on Monday at 3pm. When I get up on Tuesday morning, I have received a message from DAO, which has been past my address with a package from the TeeShop at 3 o'clock at night while I have been lying down and sleeping, and quite rightly, it was right outside my door in Aarhus. So it's fast delivery! The TeeShop delivers really quality at really good prices!

Jesper Schumann, 27 September 2017

I have now shopped at the teeshop twice and I have never experienced such a fast expedition. If you order before 16, you have your goods the next day. Huge respect from here and cannon service! Would love to recommend the company and will be happy to shop here again!

Simon, 5 May 2017

Super cool business for the clothing market. Huge selection for all kinds of clothing style. You get what you order, no matter that it is smaller or larger than what you order and you are guaranteed to get something for your money. Can't give more than 5 full stars from here. Can definitely recommend buying from there: D

CJRumsphere, April 24, 2017

Bought 25 t-shirts so far. The quality is in order and the orders are shipped quickly, with good information and workshop humor.

Per Hansen, 20 April 2017

Completely fantastic service from Teeshoppen. Never have I traded with SO sweet and professional people. Easy and clear store, with nice clothes at ok prices. The goods arrived very quickly and the one thing that I had assessed the wrong size on I sent back and got a new size again without any problems. In fact, the company drove out to me on Dec. 24. with the right size myself and made sure I got it on time for Christmas Eve !!.
Just have to say that they drove from Aalborg to Skive !!!!!.
Really nice service - definitely not last time I shop here !. - and then the goods are fat and live up to my expectations !. Total thumbs up from here all the way through;)).

Conny, December 25, 2016

Is almost speechless over the good service provided to me! No webshop I have shopped at before has been able to live up to this level. I placed my order last Saturday. 4 minutes (!!!) after I had ordered it and received a confirmation by mail, I received another email that the order was packed and ready for shipment. And here Monday morning, I could already pick up my package. This is definitely not the last time I shop with you!

Anders Pedersen, 19 December 2016

This is now the 2nd time I order a larger number of t-shirts in different sizes.
Once again things work just as they should, fast response time after normal working hours.
The quality is absolutely super, even after wash!
Definitely not the last time we order from here.

Henrik Karstensen, 7.December 2016

This is neither the first nor the last time I order from this site Good products at very good prices!
I love the order confirmation I received (and then on a Sunday!)
It was both entertaining, creative and last but not least, informative.
Good job - finally get on with it! :)

Jakob Kopp Jensen, 29 November 2016

We hope you also like to give a review on TeeShop's TrustPilot , so we can constantly get better at what we do weekday. If our customers are not happy, then we are not happy either!

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