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T-shirts with print


As a private person or as a representative of a large or small company, you now have the opportunity to buy t-shirts with print through www.teeshoppen.dk - at competitive prices of course. This is an opportunity that many companies and individuals have already chosen to take advantage of. If you order clothes with print, including t-shirts with print , through us, you can be sure of getting quality for all the money. < / p>

The TeeShop is no longer just your clothing retailer, but also your printing company, where you can have your logo or message printed on t-shirts, sweaters, jackets and much more. There are almost unimaginable possibilities when it comes to textile printing.


At www.teeshoppen.dk we address not only large and well-established companies, but also smaller start-ups, school classes, private individuals, running teams and many more. In other words, we cater to anyone who wants to buy t-shirts with print. You can via our user-friendly page design your own clothes all the way down to 1 pc. Thus, you are not forced to order a larger batch of t-shirts if you do not really need as many .


Are you in charge of a company, or have you just been given the task of buying workwear for yourself and your colleagues, then you can advantageously design your own clothes. With our smart tool you can specify the desired color, text, size (s) and much more. You do not need to be a trained designer to design workwear.

From a purely legal point of view, there is no requirement to wear one's clothes in a workplace, but there should be no doubt that it sends a highly professional signal. It is also a good way to market a company if employees use the clothes outside working hours. Today, work clothes are used in a lot of workplaces. This applies to cafés, restaurants, carpenters, bricklayers, travel agencies and many more. Workwear for employees is of course deductible. However, you can not get a deduction in the case of clothes that are suitable for private use.


T-shirts with print are not only for companies, but also for school classes who want to be dressed alike in connection with a future study trip or the like. This is not least popular at after-school centers, where students are happy to advertise which after-school center they belong to. You often get a very close relationship with your after-school, which is why it is obvious to have t-shirts and other types of clothing designed with your own print in connection with an after-school stay.

Whether you are a teacher, student or parent of a student, you can design and order t-shirts with print online, via our site. Remember to order well in advance if the clothes are to be used for a study trip or


There is of course a difference in alm. t-shirts and t-shirts for sports. Nevertheless, it is possible to design and buy printed t-shirts that can be used by sports teams. For example, you can consider making similar t-shirts that can be used before and after matches as well as to and from training. One's t-shirts help to create unity, which is why it is a good investment for all sports teams. You can possibly order muscle t-shirts .


Finally, we point out that we also cater to individuals.

If you are not interested in looking like everyone else in your circle of friends, it will be obvious for you to design your own t-shirt. With your own print, you can be absolutely sure that no one owns a t-shirt. similar to yours. Sounds like sweet music to your ears, so we would recommend you to experiment with our design tool today. You can possibly also design a t-shirt for your best friend if he or she deserves to be pampered.


You can choose from many different t-shirts. We currently offer the following options:

  • Basic t-shirt
  • Oversized t-shirt
  • Longline t-shirt
  • Polo t-shirt
  • Muscle t-shirt

Whether you should choose one or another type of t-shirt depends on your style and purpose. Should the t-shirt be used for fine use, sports or leisure? This can be decisive for which type of t-shirt is the best for you. Common to all the above t-shirts is that they can be purchased with your own print and / or logo. Be aware that the price may vary from type to type. You can learn more about this through our design tool.

It is most common to buy t-shirts with prints, but we can actually also offer both hoodies and sweaters with our own print. Whether you buy t-shirts, sweaters and / or hoodies, you can be sure that the quality is top notch. All products are carefully selected.


The clothing industry is tough, but if you are willing to take up the fight, then do not be afraid to start your own clothing brand . With your own clothing brand, you have a unique opportunity to influence the fashion industry - you do not say no to that, do you?

The process of starting your own clothing brand goes like this:

  1. Design (use our online tool)
  2. Approve your design and order
  3. Have your clothes delivered

As a general rule, we offer delivery in 10 working days. You can thus expect to receive your clothes within a few weeks. Then you can start selling the clothes via your webshop or physical store. You decide for yourself how many copies you want to buy of each t-shirt, sweater or hoodie. So it does not have to be expensive to start your own clothing brand.

If you experience problems with the design, ordering or delivery of the clothes, do not hesitate to contact us per. mail or phone. It is our great desire to help you reach your goal, so that you can fulfill your big dream of owning your own clothing brand. You will find our contact information at the bottom of the website. Here you can also see when our showroom is open.