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Style your wardrobe

Style your entire wardrobe

You can stand in several situations where you need some clothes with print on. It may be because you want to add your own personal touch to your style via your t-shirt, hoodie or bomber jacket. It could also be you are standing and need to wear some team t-shirts for bachelorette party, birthday or sports day. Almost no matter the situation, we at can deliver your custom made t-shirts to you.

You completely decide for yourself

How your design should look and what it should be printed on is entirely up to you, and you can see our entire range here . You can choose to design your own logo, choose from our 2,000 designs or designs created by Studio users who have chosen to share their designs with the rest of us. If you just want a text on your clothes then that is no problem either. You have the whole palette of colors, which you can throw on a selection of almost 20 different colors of t-shirts in our premium quality, such as where you can get 1 t-shirt from DKK 145, and 10 t-shirts from only 95 DKK per pcs, ie a saving of as much as DKK 50 per. PCS.

Easy and clear

In our brand new and incredibly user-friendly design program, you can see for yourself how big and small your design should be and where it should sit. It is very easy to both upload and obtain designs, as well as put a text on your new piece of self-designed clothes.

In addition, we at TeeShoppen would like to remind you that our printing prices are calculated according to size and printing form, so you always get the best quality at the best price.

Start your own clothing brand

If you have an entrepreneurial dream in your stomach and want to start your own clothing brand, then the teeshop would rather than like to help you get started. We can help you print exactly what you want. Tips and tricks can be found here.

Full satisfaction or money back

At Teeshoppen, there is always a 101-day return on everything we sell, so you can be sure that you will ultimately be happy with your purchase with us. Should you have any questions regarding prints, sizes or our products at all, please finally call our customer service at 70707217, which is open every single day from 09.00 to 21.00. You can also always write to 24 hours a day.