Skovmandsskjorter: Noget om tern…

Forester's shirts: Something about checkers…

Euroman predicted this already in the spring, when the big brands during Copenhagen Fashion Week showed off their autumn and winter collections for 2017: TERN! If you are going to be in fashion this winter, then finally do not hesitate to throw your most checkered items on.

We know the checkered pattern from the chessboard, the Scottish kilt, the tie and of course the classic forester's shirt. But otherwise you can also frequently see checkered on both pants, jackets, sweaters, scarves, hats and yes indeed shoes. So there should be ample opportunity to dress checkered this season, if not on your entire outfit, then at least parts of it.

If you do not just feel like you want to go "all-in" on dice and thus wear dice from top to toe, then there is still plenty of opportunity to be 'on the beat' in a more toned-down way, for example by bringing the classic forester's shirt into play. At TeeShoppen, we love the colored shirt in the soft material, which is used by both men and women, and then it's just a bonus that it is actually one of the hottest items right now in the fashion industry. With a nice flannel shirt at hand, you are ready to face the cold autumn / winter - combined with a cool winter jacket, you will definitely be in control of your style for the cold winter months.

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But what's really about that checkered soft shirt that never really manages to disappear from people's consciousness? The forester's shirt, on the other hand, is always in the back of the closet ready to be lifted out when it is again on the dice in the fashion industry.

Skovmandsskjorten, in short

The origins of the forester's shirt can be found in North America as far back as the 19th century. According to the fashion magazine Glamor , it was a company in Pennsylvania called Woolrich Woolen Mills that in 1850 invented the first forester's shirt. The lumberjack shirt was instantly a hit among the hard-working lumberjacks and “outdoorsy” types who lived in North America at the time. They loved the shirt in the soft cotton quality that could easily keep them warm when the weather was cold. The shirt was also good as a work shirt, as they could easily leave it open, close it or roll up the sleeves depending on the weather.

With Woolrich Woolen Mills' invention in the mid-19th century, this garment has been available in our closets for more than 150 years, and it does not appear to be disappearing again just yet. The forester's shirt is repeatedly lifted out of the closet and is today used by both men and women in a sea of ​​different colors and models.

Skovmandsskjorten - allemandseje! ​​

For many, the forester's shirt is associated with the 90s, where, among other things. Kurt Cobain "rocked" the checkered look - and although he was not the first or last to wear this iconic garment, it was clear in the street scene that many teenage fans in particular agreed with his style. In the 90s, it was cool to wear the open checkered shirt styled with a white or black t shirt underneath - preferably with a pair of worn jeans and some heavy boots, sneakers or the very familiar converse shoes. If you "rocked" this look, you were definitely on the beat!

Since then, it has been seen on various other celebrities, such as Pharrell Williams, who is often wearing the iconic "checkered" look, either in the form of a shirt, but also suits in the well-known Scottish checkered pattern. Williams likes to style his forester’s shirt with a hat, a leather jacket, a pair of cool pants and fashionable shoes, as well as the finishing touch: sunglasses and jewelry.

Today, the forester's shirt is universally owned, and is seen on both men and women, as well as known and unknown - yes, even on your mother! Skovmands-look does not know time, genres, classes, gender or generations, and will most likely continue in this shoal for a long time to come

The classic cut in many variations

If you do not already own the iconic lumberjack shirt, then just bring it into play quickly so you can look as cool as your famous idols and thus meet the winter with a fashionable expression .

If you are into a casual style, then a casual lumberjack shirt is a must-have in your wardrobe. You can use the casual and simple checkered shirt both buttoned up, or you can leave the shirt open with a t-shirt or tank top inside for a casual look. Make your look simple with a black and white forester shirt or bring the slightly more toned down forester shirt black / olive in games. The style is not to be mistaken - it is casual and casual, but also very fashionable.

If you are a little more daring, you can possibly style your open black / red forester shirt with a white or black t-shirt and a cool black leather jacket. Use the look for a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of leather boots and you will have a completely trendy look, where your personal style will clearly shine through. Also feel free to wear your unbuttoned black / red forester's shirt for your favorite jeans, a pair of sneakers and your look will exude casualness.

On the other hand, you need a shirt when you need to dress nicely, but can't stand the white stiff shirt, which never really becomes comfortable to wear. Then choose if necessary. a slim-fit model that does the same for your look as a regular shirt - just in a much softer version. A black / dark gray flannel shirt will be nice for a family dinner where it should not be so formally, or for a cozy evening with friends at the bar for a few beers.

The forester's shirt is available in a sea of ​​different models and designs, so you should like to find one that matches perfectly with your personal style. Check if necessary. this model out that has a hood and solid colored sleeves. The shirt looks almost like a jacket and can easily be used for this purpose when spring returns, or for the slightly colder summer evenings. Also, use it for winter as you would any other hoodie.

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At TeeShoppen we love soft and comfortable clothes

There is almost nothing worse than clothes that are not comfortable to wear because they are stiff and with limited mobility. This is especially true of the classic shirts, which are used in connection with suits, but with the forester's shirt you never run into that problem, as it is produced in flannel, which is a scratched cotton or wool quality that will feel nice soft and nice against your skin.

Go hand in hand with the trends, and face your worst clothing crisis with the delicious checkered flannel shirt in the wardrobe. Tern is a must-have in your wardrobe this season, so why not fill up your wardrobe with the forester's shirt in different models and colors so you can easily create delicious and comfortable looks day by day, while you get a completely state-of-the-art look.

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