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How to sell your clothing brand online

When it comes to marketing and selling your brand and clothing brand, it will be easiest and most obvious to start online . We are currently experiencing an average internet consumption of more than 6 hours per day globally and this figure is expected to expand further. Your potential customers in the retail industry will also be active online, which is why you need to make your clothing store ready for sale online.

In this post, you can read more about how to get sales going online and what prerequisites you as a retailer should be aware of.


This probably sounds like a no-brainer, and it's also the first and most important step when it comes to selling your clothing brand online. A central website where you can create a good foundation for your business and where you can build the brand's image. The website is where your brand lives and where your visitors can discover who you really are.


An ideal eCommerce platform is one that can maneuver a wide variety of products. For example, the same product in different sizes and colors. In addition, usability and mobility are two really good features for the users, which can also save you a lot of time. A platform that can be easily updated for your latest products, so that users get this information in an easily accessible way. Systems that can do this are Shopify or WordPress' WooCommerce. These can be used without your knowledge of programming and coding, and they are very easy to route around as a reseller.


It is said that on average one has between 7 and 10 seconds to capture the user's interest when they visit the website. Therefore, make sure that users will remember your brand after being on your side for the minimum amount of time. Words and pictures especially help with this. When you have to show off a collection of clothes, you might as well stop using pictures if they are bad. Instead, get quality photos taken and spend time, money and effort getting the right ones taken. It is your webshop that becomes the customer's first impression, and therefore you will want a nice visual profile.


The key to a strong brand storytelling is to be able to present your brand in a unique way. Therefore, it is a good idea to define how to differentiate yourself from competitors. This is most easily done by defining its Unique Selling Points (USP). Ask yourself what makes your brand unique. Why is it extraordinarily interesting or fun?

USPs are defined as unique, salable characteristics that set your brand apart. Possible USPs could be:

  • Fashion Clothes: You're always up front when it comes to the latest trends and coolest designs.
  • High-end clothing: You do something to demonstrate that your clothes are made of the highest quality.
  • Affordable prices / simple items: Your clothes are in a price range, everyone can participate, and your quality and design are very simple. < / li>

Do not necessarily be tempted to be a brand that can offer it all. This will create confusion and it does not give customers a story to buy. In continuation of the USPs, it may be an idea to tell the story of the company.It helps to create positive emotions among the visitors and you can do that through a good story How did the company start and why? What are the goals for the customers? The good story is often not found in the selling text - but more in how to create value for the customer. Your story can lead to a blog that creates even more value for the customer. Your blog can build on your story, and it can contain guides and tips that ultimately create value and more visitors.


Social media contributes to online sales if you manage to use them properly. They are an effective tool for telling the brand's story, and any clothing company can benefit from a dedicated SoMe profiling. Social media is important to keep its story alive, to keep customers engaged and to sell online. If you have the means to do so, advertising on Google and Facebook can also be incredibly effective. Your message is spread in a very short time and it can boost sales and traffic to your website. However, this can be difficult to master without experience, so it is recommended that you read more here .


A good payment solution ensures a better overall experience for your customers and thus the opportunities for them to buy from your shop again. The good payment solution contains several payment options for the customer. For example, via the traditional payment cards (Visa, MasterCard etc.), ApplePay, MobilePay and ViaBill. This shows transparency, which really creates value for your customer. It does not have to be expensive to set up a versatile payment solution. At the TeeShop, PensoPay handles this task, and they have solutions for the entrepreneur and for the very large companies.

With these tips, you can get off to a good start with your clothing company online. We hope you find plenty of other inspiration on this page so you can create a successful brand and clothing brand.