Nytår 2017: Det skal du have på til årets fest

New Year 2017: You must wear it to this year's party

Another year has passed and it's soon time for this year's party, where it should preferably not get too little of glitter and glitter - on clothes, on the New Year's table and in the air when all over Denmark Thousands of rockets are fired at the blow 12. For the New Year's party in 2017, for all intents and purposes, do not go down on glitter, details, the effervescent and elegant - the more the better - but you do not have to find your tuxedo or most glitter-filled dress forth from the closet to have a happy new year eve. We guide you to a well-dressed New Year's party a la 2017.

It's the same problem every year. What to wear to this year's party, where you and your best friends welcome to a new year by toasting in champagne and jumping off the chairs?

Have you thought about what should be this year's New Year's outfit this year or are you just taking the same shirt or glitter dress on from last year? We guide you to a cool New Year's outfit for both men and women.

Men's New Year: The Classic and Festive

For men, women in particular like to wear an elegant and festive outfit to the big New Year's party. They do not have to pull the black and white tuxedo and the newly polished shoes out of the closet, but they may still like to wear a stylish shirt or polo for a pair of nice black jeans or chinos .

The New Year's party is this year's party and here you can give it a little more gas with the personal style and thus go all-in on the elegant and sophisticated look. Remember that the New Year's party is the perfect occasion to be a real gentleman and that of course includes a stylish and refined look.

We have selected four different outfits that offer a variety of directions to take to the big party night.

Outfit 1: The classic and elegant

With this outfit you get a classic and elegant look that you will never go wrong in the city with. The dark blue chinos have a slim fit that makes them stylish and elegant. Combined with the light blue shirt, you get a sharp look. The shoes we have chosen to put there are simple but nice and go well with the simple and stylish outfit. Feel free to wear black or dark gray socks in the shoe or put on ankle socks and fold up the trouser legs a little so that you can just sense a little of the ankle.

Tip: When choosing a shirt, choose a model that suits your figure. Many people often make the mistake of choosing a too wide model, especially if they have a body to the larger side. Here you can choose a slim fit model - even if you are on the bigger side - because the wide model only makes you look even bigger and clumsy.

Outfit 2: The refined

This offer of a New Year's outfit is a little more casual in expression than the previous one, but still manages to give the wearer a sharp profile with the very subtle interplay between the elements. The trousers have a dark gray color, but are mottled and therefore have a detailed look. The polo t-shirt is black, but differs from the traditional polo by having a zipper closure at the neck instead of the traditional buttons. We have styled this look with a pair of black shoes, with a white sole that goes well with the overall casual, yet refined outfit.

Outfit 3: The festive

With this outfit you are guaranteed a festive look. The shirt is red with white dots and small white tigers.We have chosen to style this shirt with a pair of black slim fit jeans, instead of the more formal chinos, to give the outfit a slightly more casual look. The brown shoes that are put here take the attention away from the very festive shirt. , so it becomes the overall look you look at, rather than the shirt running with all the attention. This outfit is for the festive type who is down to earth but still likes to dress nicely.

Outfit 4: The Modern

This bid for the outfit for this year's biggest party is for the modern man who likes to stand out from the crowd and at the same time makes a showdown with the norm that you must wear nice trousers, a freshly ironed shirt and shiny shoes on this evening. You can easily make it more modern and stylish, and still feel that you are part of the party. May it not be too neat and elegant and if you are the more sneaker type who likes to break the rules, then this look is a good offer.

If you are the more traditional type, then a pair of nice black pants for a shirt is the right choice, but if you are more the type who wants to experiment, go against the norm and refuse to look like everyone else, then go away from the traditional pants / shirt look and choose something different and festive that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Girls' New Year: glitter, dresses and stilettos in long lanes

We like the women, especially the men, to wear a New Year's outfit that is nice, sexy and makes you look wonderful. Remember that for the New Year's party you should not go down on the spectacular like glitter and glitter, the highest stilettos you own will never be too high and the sexiest dress You can find will never be too much. For the New Year's party, it's about giving it full throttle, but still remember that "less is more" - you can quickly look like a circus princess if you pour too much glitter on.

We have chosen four different outfits, which are our suggestions on how the look can be for the New Year's party. But keep in mind that the possibilities are many and the individual pieces that are presented below can also easily be mixed crosswise and thereby make even more bids for New Year's looks.

Outfit 1: The traditional

This dress is our most traditional bid for a New Year's dress, as it just exudes everything that has to do with New Year: fine, festive and full of glitter. Style it with your finest stilettos in almost any color. Set if necessary. a pair of red stilettos for, for a ball expression. We have chosen to put this short jacket for fake fur, which gives a nice interplay to the very light and fine fabric that the dress is made of. Therefore, throw your jacket over when you go out with the champagne glass at midnight and see the many rockets that adorn the sky. The fine bag in light pink with gold details gives the finishing touch to this outfit.

Outfit 2: The Fine

This bid for the New Year's clothes is composed of two pieces, but fits so well together that one would think they hung together. The pleated skirt is a little longer than knee-length and is really nice for a pair of very high stilettos that make your legs look meter-long. The top is made of a light material and filled with glitter, which is almost a must for the New Year's party. Style it to the skirt by stuffing the bottom piece of the top down under the elastic at the waist of the skirt so that the top still bulges out a bit. Perfect for you who want a nice and festive, but still a little different outfit that is not just any other New Year dress with glitter. Style the set with this red bag to give just the finishing touch.

Outfit 3: The Festive

If you are not so much into the New Year's dress and actually feel more comfortable in a pair of trousers, then this black trouser suit with lace details is a good offer for you. Style it for a pair of your finest stilettos - a pair in a strong color will not be a bad bid. Although black is of course a classic and you never go wrong in the city with it, it can also quickly fall into the background - especially for a New Year's party, where many like to make a little more out of the variegated outfits. We have therefore chosen to style this red coat in fake fur for

Outfit 4: The Daring

These loose black pants are perfect for a pair of high stilettos - your legs will look meters long. The leopard-patterned blouse is a slightly different offer for a sweater for the New Year's party, but if you are into patterned and variegated clothes, then this is definitely a spot shot. Style this outfit with a black crossover bag with gold details that go well with the brown colors of the blouse. If you think this outfit lacks a bit of color, you can advantageously style it with a pair of your red stilettos, and if you even put your red lipstick on there, then you are guaranteed a hot look that is hard to resist for the New Year's party.

At TeeShoppen, we hope that you all have a really good New Year, and we hope to see you in 2018, which for us at least offers a lot of new and exciting things - including a new concept that we are launching already at the beginning of the new year. We hope that you feel like following and welcome our new initiatives.

Best New Year Greetings,

/ TeeShops

P.S. Take care of yourself when the mood is high, the bottles are riveted and the rockets are fired for the New Year's party. Therefore, remember the most important accessory for the party: the safety glasses. You can e.g. buy a pair in different festive colors at Jem & Fix for only DKK 14.50: https://www.jemogfix.dk/beskyttelsesbrille-voksen/5124/9021606/