Hvilket solbriller passer mig? | TeeShoppen

Which sunglasses suit me?

If the coming summer is to be a good one of its kind, then you must be well dressed.

It's not just about buying shorts, t-shirts, tank tops and sandals, but also sunglasses so you can protect your dear eyes from the sun's harmful rays. As you know, there are a whole world of sunglasses, so which ones should you choose? Your most important task is to find a pair of sunglasses that suits your face shape, your style and your personality. It can actually be a difficult task, but we are happy to help you.


To find the right glasses - for this occasion sunglasses - you need to take into account your face shape. Your face shape has a lot to say in relation to which sunglasses will suit you. The face shape is a very telling factor when it comes to choosing sunglasses. The shape can not only help determine the ideal size, but also the ideal spectacle shape. Both small and large sunglasses are sold - in round and square designs.

The vast majority of people have one of the following face shapes:

  • Heart-shaped face (choose a pair of oversized sunglasses)
  • Oval face (most sunglasses can fit the oval face)
  • Oblong face (choose wide sunglasses with a strong frame)
  • Round face (choose square sunglasses with a strong frame)
  • Square face (choose round sunglasses with a thin frame)

Although it can not be said that one face shape is better than the other, it is most advantageous to have an oval face, as you will thus have free choice on all shelves. Thanks to your oval face shape, you can wear every conceivable pair of sunglasses, which of course you need to take advantage of. Immediately worse is to find some suitable sunglasses if one has a very square or heart-shaped face. However, of course, it is far from impossible. There are sunglasses for every face shape.

With the right sunglasses, you can make your face look smaller round, oblong or square, depending on the face shape you have. If you make use of our recommendations, you can hardly do anything but make a good decision.


In addition to the type of glasses, it is worth focusing on the color and quality. The classic choice is a pair of black sunglasses with a black frame, but sunglasses are of course also made in many other colors. For example, you can buy a pair of purple or orange sunglasses if you want to stand out from the crowd. It is even possible to find sunglasses with different prints.

If you want to enjoy your sunglasses for many years, then you should go for a pair of quality sunglasses. If you shop online, you may have a hard time assessing the quality for good reasons, but we can guarantee that all our sunglasses are of the highest quality. In our large assortment you will find both men's sunglasses and women's sunglasses at extremely competitive prices. You can possibly Order two or three pairs of sunglasses so you have little to choose from when going on vacation or a trip to the beach next time. Remember that you get a 101-day return when you shop at our secure webshop.