Hvad er TeeShoppen.dk - visioner fra skolegården

What is TeeShoppen.dk - visions from the schoolyard

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The TeeShop is a webshop where you can get basic goods at cheap prices. The purpose is to give everyone the opportunity to fill up the closet at home with basic items without the account starting to glow red. But at the same time we also want people to return to our webshop, which is why we always spend time strengthening our foundation, thinking new and developing ourselves in a market that actually has a fairly simple concept. The basic idea of ​​the TeeShop is based on the schoolyard, where a t-shirt and a milk for a 5 were in fierce competition, but we will return to this later…

The concept of the TeeShop is to provide basic products at a price where everyone can participate. The basic products have the cool property that they are both commercial and unique, which means that you can use them for all occasions. You can e.g. put on your white t-shirt in town on a Friday night, put it on for your grandmother's birthday Saturday afternoon and go back to work on Monday morning. The unique thing about basic products is that they are so versatile that you can pretty much make them work on any occasion - and still maintain a bold and simple style.

Basic products are simple, yet also quite complicated

A t-shirt has a single cut that clearly evokes a large T when you lay it flat on the ground and therefore may not seem like such a complicated product. But if there is not still a lot of knowledge and thoughts behind such a simple product as a t-shirt, then the TeeShop would never have become anything. For the TeeShop, it is important to constantly develop the concept behind the simple t-shirt and of course other basic items, so that it still manages to be current even though fashion trends also develop. In this way, we can constantly follow developments in the market and deliver the goods that our customers demand. It's a long way to go to work with inspiring people, so you can inspire each other and learn something new - we believe that this is the way we deliver the best quality and the best designs to our customers.

Expectations and dreams for the future

A t-shirt is one of the garments that are used the most around the world, and for that reason the TeeShop's t-shirts must therefore also be really cool, have the best quality and at the same time be unique, so they stand out from it. existing market for t-shirts. The focus is therefore and has always been on quality rather than the brand in the neck of the t-shirt. Because if the TeeShop is to compete with the big brands in the market, then we must also be able to deliver a quality that they cannot. Against this background, it is therefore important to have a vision that we are not like everyone else who can just flash their established brands and thereby sell their clothes on that basis.

We must instead sell our goods for a completely different reason - quality! The quality must be top notch, so we make sure that customers return and want to buy from us again. It is therefore very important to us that we deliver a completely 'outstanding' quality, because if we do not, then our customers disappear to the competing well-established brands that can easily sell their products by name alone. < / p>

Like all other companies, we at TeeShoppen also have a goal of scaling up so that we can reach many more than we do at present, and maybe even other countries. We therefore work daily to be ‘firstmovers’ in an industry where there is constant fierce competition.

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T-shirt vs.milk for a 5'er

If you want to know more about the TeeShop's idea and concept, see more in the video below, where Benjamin Philip, who owns TeeShoppendk, tells much more about his visions for the TeeShop. You can e.g. get answers on how he runs his business today with a starting point in the schoolyard philosophy that was expressed in his primary school days, when his t-shirts had to compete with the schoolboy's milk for a 5'er. .