Guide: 7 effektive pakketips til enhver rejse

Guide: 7 effective packing tips for any trip

Are you going on a Christmas holiday, weekend trip with your girlfriend or maybe on a city holiday over the New Year? You never know what to pack and you always have problems getting packed too much. You can buy the most expensive suitcase and you may have made the most prepared packing list in advance, but if things are not packed properly, you will - as always - have to sit on top of the suitcase to be able to close it at all. Take up the fight now, and finally learn to pack your weekend bag or suitcase so that it does not bulge, become too heavy or make your clothes crumpled. We give you the best ‘travel hacks’ for the perfectly packed bag for any trip.

At TeeShoppen, we know well what it takes to go on a weekend trip or travel, and you always get packed too much or at least get the clothes packed in a way so that it just fills too much in the suitcase. This is of course a huge problem, because of course there must also be room to shop a little home from the trip - and maybe a small gift for the girlfriend at home. We therefore give you the 7 best tips on how to pack your bag in an efficient, space-saving and fast way.

1. Prepare what to bring

Get an overview of what you need to bring with you before you unpack it. If you do not do this, you risk getting packed too much. You do not need five t-shirts for a trip of three days, or two pairs of sneakers for a shopping trip to London.

Many people make the mistake of packing their clothes in sets. By packing sets of clothes, you risk, for example, getting two pairs of jeans , which are actually good could be replaced by one pair, or multiple cardigans that could easily be replaced by a simple model in a basic color. When packing, think instead of packing individual pieces of clothing that can go for many different types of outfits. If you have the money for it, make a list in advance so that it is easy and quick to find the clothes when you need to pack. If, on the other hand, you do not have the energy to make a list, place the clothes on a table or on the floor to see how much you intend to pack before you put it in your bag or suitcase. Think through the days and each outfit and put away the clothes that are in surplus - you will probably not use it on the trip anyway.

2. Check the weather forecast for the travel destination before packing

It is always a good idea to just check the weather forecast for where you are going so you can pack your clothes accordingly. If you do not do this, you risk over-packing because you are packing for all kinds of weather. If the weather forecast does not show signs of rain, then there is no reason to pack your rain jacket or rubber boots. At least then you save that space. And if it still turns out that the weather forecast has not been quite as predictable as the meteorologists claim, then there is a high probability that you can buy a raincoat at your travel destination.

Otherwise you will not be harmed by a little water…!

The fact is that you have to cut back on the things you bring, because you can easily end up overpacking if you pack for all weather forecasts, and then it just becomes more cumbersome for yourself. Therefore, check the weather beforehand so you have an idea of ​​what clothes you should pack.

3. Pack more sweaters than pants

No matter where you go - whether it's on a beach holiday in Spain, a shopping trip in London or just a trip home to your parents for a weekend, you should ALWAYS pack more tops than bottoms. Tops will always be the clothes that you will change most often, so you will automatically also have to pack more of them than, for example, trousers.Trousers can easily be used for several days without being washed, so it is important to bring some fairly neutral trousers with you on the trip, which can be used for several of your sweaters Think basics, because then you get the most out of your clothes on the journey, as they can be mixed and matched in different ways.

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4. Pack the heaviest things at the bottom

Now you have made the necessary preparations before you start putting things in your bag or suitcase, and now comes the packaging itself. The packing of your bag or suitcase should be as efficient as possible at all, things should be as small as possible, so that there is also room to buy things to take home, and then of course it should also be as clear as possible at all, so you can easily find the individual items when you arrive at the travel destination.

Always pack the heaviest things at the bottom in an even layer so that the suitcase does not get really heavy at one end and light at the other. It can be, for example, shoes and jackets . If you need to bring two jackets on the trip, pack the lightest and put on the heaviest. Feel free to wrap your shoes in plastic bags one at a time so that they do not make your clothes dirty. By packing them separately, they also take up less space. The next layer can be, for example, your trousers and finally a layer of sweaters. You can advantageously place toiletry bags at the top so that the clothes do not clutter, for example your shampoo bottles.

5. Roll your clothes like a burrito

Rolling the clothes is one of the most preferred packing methods available because it both saves space and also reduces the curling of the clothes. The method is simply just that you roll your clothes so that it comes to look like a small burrito before you pack it down in the suitcase. To make sure your roll of clothes stays a roll, you can take a pair of your socks for help. All you have to do is lay your sweater or t-shirt flat on a table. Then fold the sides and sleeves towards the middle so that you will have an elongated stripe. Now the trick comes: place your socks at one end with your feet facing the center and then roll the sweater around the socks so that the shaft of the socks still stays out of the roll. Finally, you can then fold the shaft of the socks down over the roll on each side and you therefore have a roll of clothing that will remain a roll throughout the journey.

The socks method is perfect if you are going on a single night and just want to have a single outfit with you. You can therefore roll a pair of trousers, a sweater and your underpants into the same roll at to place the clothes on top of each other before you roll it up and fold your socks around the roll of clothes. That way you have your outfit assembled and can easily throw your roll down in a bag and know that you have it all assembled in one place.

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6. Put socks and underwear in your shoes

I think we can all sign on to the eternal problem that socks and underwear always create when packing a weekend bag or suitcase - they do not have a natural space and therefore come easily to roll around the bag or suitcase, which means you can never find what you need. We have the answer that both saves space and at the same time ensures that your shoes are not damaged during the trip.

Roll your socks together in pairs and tuck them into your shoes - this way the socks do not take up indispensable space in the bag, you know where you have them and you also ensure that your shoes do not get flat during the journey. can also do the same with your underwear, if there is enough space. If you have several socks or underwear to take with you on the trip, you can pack them in a transparent wash bag with zipper - that way you have control over where they are and they will never lie and float around in the bag.

7. Keep order in your bag on the journey itself

Here comes the last and perhaps most important piece of advice: keep order in your bag on the journey itself. If you do not keep your things in order when you are at the actual travel destination and follow the package advice, then it will be pure hell for you when you have to travel home again. Therefore, as far as possible, try to keep your suitcase packed effectively when you are in the hotel room, so that you avoid having a bag that cannot be closed when you are going to travel home again. By avoiding too much clutter in your bag, you also have room for souvenirs or anything else you would like to bring home.

Wishing you a good trip.

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