There are no definite festival clothes, but there are clothes that are suitable for festival use and other festive occasions. This is exactly what we will take a closer look at in this blog post, where we will help you get ready for this year's festival (s). You can definitely benefit from this guide, whether you are attending Smukfest, Roskilde Festival, Copenhell or a fourth festival at home or abroad.

If you want to get ready for this year's festival, you must not only shop for alcohol, powerbank, tents, food and wet wipes, but also clothes, more specifically festival clothes. You can do this online, where you will find a whole world of modern clothes for men and women.

Roskilde festival


Whether you see yourself as a trendsetter or not, you should think about your attire when you go to a festival. After all, it's nice to look well-dressed and trendy when you go out to meet a lot of new people and want to make a good impression. That is not to say that one should troop up in an exclusive suit or in an adorable dress; less can do it too.

As a single, you will find that festivals are pure paradise, as you have ample opportunity to meet people of the opposite sex or of the same sex for that matter. The ability to find the only one is just another good reason to make a little extra out of yourself. Of course, it's important that your attire reflects your personality.

Festival clothes should not only be trendy but also practical as festival venues are often very muddy and dirty. For the following reason, it will be very risky to drive all white unless you do not mind getting dirty. It is generally difficult to keep your clothes clean when you are in an area that is flooded with mud, alcohol and junk food. In addition to thinking about the color choice, one should think about which garments are best suited for the weather. If the weather experts predict rain in long lanes, you should bring rubber boots, rainwear and possibly a rain cover so that you do not get drenched and risk getting sick from day one.


If you want to appear extremely trendy at this year's big festival, then you must make sure to pack the right clothes. To impress the festival's female guests, everything from shoes and clothes to hair and jewelery must be in order. Let's start by looking at the attire:

  1. Black sneakers (avoid white or light sneakers; they get dirty in a split second)
  2. Chino shorts and an associated smart belt (use chino pants instead)
  3. Oversized t-shirt (a sure hit at the festival)
  4. Denim jacket (possibly in black or blue - to run the dark outfit fully)
  5. Belt bag in camouflage design (pepper the outfit up and is extremely practical)
  6. Classic sunglasses in black (to keep the sun away and to hide tired eyes)

With the above outfit you can be absolutely sure to attract a lot of positive attention on your way. The above is of course just an idea for what you can put on. In the end, it's entirely up to you how you want to style your festival outfit. To add the finishing touch, you can wear a beautiful wristwatch, a stylish necklace and a leather bracelet. Then at least there should not be a finger to put on your outfit.


All people care about how they look; this applies not least to young women.Most female festival goers think their outfit down to the smallest detail This applies to everything from shoes and socks to headgear and sunglasses. It simply has to be in order so that you can really show who you are and what you stand for.

The perfect festival outfit for female participants can, for example, consist of the following:

  1. Light runners (modern and extremely comfortable to wear)
  2. Denim skirt (weather permitting)
  3. Basic top in black (or striped design)
  4. Bomber jacket (for the cool summer evenings)
  5. Practical handbag or clutch (for makeup, money, smartphone, etc.)
  6. Round sunglasses (they are modern like never before)

Then you're probably also ready to party for days.

If you really want to be able to get loose for this year's festival, you can consider jumping in a one-piece suit, which can be impractical if you often run to the toilet. Although the visual probably means the most to you, you should also give yourself some practical thoughts, as it is obviously not sustainable to run around in a thin top and a skirt if the weather forecast says rain and low temperatures. To avoid getting sick, stay warm and dry; here the practical clothes come into the picture.

Let your delicate and expensive clothes stay at home; a festival can be tough on clothes.