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Biker Jeans for the fashion-conscious guy

It's now many years we have to go back to hit Biker Jeans' heyday - more specifically the late 1970s, when the first Bike Jeans were made for the modern men on smart motorcycles. There was starting to be a huge demand for durable quality pants that could hold several seasons on the seat of a motorcycle. The trousers had to withstand extreme wear and tear and at the same time could be worn when there was a break at the local American diner restaurant. It was the birth of Biker Jeans, and they were well received by the young motorcyclists. As the years have passed, the denim pants have been replaced with synthetic fabric and leather among the modern guys on motorcycles.

American musicians such as Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, Justin Bieber, Drake and others. spotted the special pants. It quickly became a fashion phenomenon among famous people both in the US, but also in countries like Denmark where KESI, Xander and Nik & Jay adopted the style and made them popular among young guys. At TeeShoppen, we have chosen to buy a wide selection of Biker Jeans from international brands such as Urban Classic and Sixth June. We always make sure to quality test our jeans after longer use, and can therefore also offer our customers a 101-day return on all Biker Jeans purchased at TeeShoppen.dk.

You see many of the big jeans brands jumping into fashion with biker jeans. It's among brands like:

  1. Urban Classics
  2. Only and Sons
  3. Jack & Jones
  4. Justjunkies
  5. Sixth June
  6. H&M
  7. Zara

The above brands can be purchased all over the globe in physical stores, but the easiest will be to shop them online as they are easily available at a lot of webshops. We recommend that you go in and read Teeshoppen's Trustpilot or Facebook page to ensure you shop in a safe place. If you have questions or would like more advice, you can contact us our customer service on tel: 70707217- every day from kl. 09.00 - 21.00.

Make your own Biker Jeans

Did you go for it and sew your hands on correctly? Then below we have found a video guide that shows you how to produce your very own and unique Biker Jeans. We do not recommend that you embark on the project if you are not used to working behind a sewing machine, as it is a demanding process.

video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxEJjebwdK0

Tight or loose Biker Jeans?

It's a matter of taste what one prefers when it comes to how the pants should fit on the body. Most people like that their Biker Jeans should fit snugly and with lots of stretch in. (Stretch helps the pants to give way, so you get a bit of the same feeling as a pair of jogging pants).

We have chosen to wear a wide selection of Biker Jeans that sit close to the body and with a lot of stretch in. It helps to give the pants a bold fit and comfort is top notch. They are flexible and comfortable to wear for any occasion.

Biker Jeans at a reasonable price

One thing is the quality .. another thing is the price! You can quickly end up paying over 1000, - for a pair of trousers in the right quality. We will try to kill this myth. Therefore, we have set a fixed price of only 399, - on our Biker Jeans. We have a 101-day return on all our Biker jeans, which is your guarantee of being 110% satisfied with your purchase at the teeshop.