Den perfekte t-shirt?

The perfect t-shirt?

You love the classic t-shirt and also have it lying in the closet at home in piles. You love the simple fit, the clean cut and you want it in a delicious quality. The most obvious factors you consider are fit and color, but have you ever thought about weight?

A t-shirt is not rocket science! Its simple cut, which clearly evokes a large T when laid flat on the ground, is unique and is found in every wardrobe among both girls and boys, young as well as old. The design is simple with simple and clean lines, and most often produced in the fabric that is used most in the textile industry: cotton.

The t-shirt is used for almost all purposes, and thus never really gets a rest from sitting on the upper body of both men and women around the world. Many people use it under a thicker sweater, including a crewneck - or hoodie , and others also use it over a thinner long-sleeved sweater to create a layer-on-layer look. Likewise, it is also used under shirts as a kind of undershirt, and often also only for a pair pants , or in the girls' case, maybe a skirt . Yes, the t-shirt is also used for training and running, as well as as a nightgown in a oversize model; this probably applies most to the girls.

The t-shirt has virtually no limits when it comes to uses, which is why it is also an important part of every man and woman's wardrobe. It is such an important part of our lives that we also do not hesitate to make demands on the short-sleeved model. We want it to have a good fit, be produced in a really good quality (ie it is soft and delicious to wear), and then we prefer not to give very much money for it. < / p>

At TeeShoppen we love a classic t-shirt. We therefore focus on the t-shirt in this article, where our goal is to dig deep into the story and thus zoom in completely on the familiar cut and the delicious soft cotton in which it is often produced. We may find the perfect t-shirt model?

The history of the t-shirt, in short

The t-shirt dates from the 19th century, when it was used as underwear - first as a ‘one-piece’ with buttons and later as two stand-alone pieces. The model we know today comes from a place between 1898 and 1913, where the US Navy gradually began to use them as undershirts under their uniforms. Soon after, it became popular in many industries, such as the agricultural industry, where the t-shirt was used as a work shirt. It quickly became "the shirt of choice", as it had a fit that could be used by everyone, it was easy to wash and then it was cheap.

Fun fact: The word 't-shirt' was officially included in the American language in 1920 when it first appeared in The Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Since then, the t-shirt has taken the world by storm and is today one of the garments around the world that is used the most. T-shirts appear everywhere for both men and women , young people as old, and then they are used for everything from everyday clothing to fitness clothes - yes, even for marketing purposes in companies, as they are cheap to produce and thus also cheap to buy.

A cheap but delicious material: cotton

When you buy a t-shirt, you will most likely find it in 100% cotton.Cotton is the material that is used most in the textile industry, as it is cheap, has a good abrasion resistance, a good absorbency, and then it is particularly suitable for the production of t-shirts, as the fabric conducts heat away from the body and is comfortable to have on

Cotton is a natural fiber and has a really good structure that makes it easy to spin and thus make into fabric. Within cotton, there is a sea of ​​qualities and these are definitely determined by factors like color, purity and fiber length. Often one alternates between two different types of cotton: carded and combed cotton. Here it is usually the price that reflects the quality, as the map cotton is significantly cheaper than combed cotton. The card cotton is characterized by the fact that the fabric is not so even. In the case of cotton, the fibers protrude and thus the fabric is quite nubbed on the surface. Combed cotton is characterized by the fabric being more even and smooth, which is why this type of fabric also has a much softer surface.

The completely unique, solid-colored and simple t-shirt

When you buy a t-shirt, there are guaranteed to be more factors that come into play than you just think about. Without giving it a thought, you like to let your palm stroke over the fabric just to feel the quality and how it feels against your skin. At the same time, you also take a small but discreet breath through your nose when you bring it down over your head - because the smell also has a lot to say. The easiest way to describe it is that without thinking about it, you go a lot up in the fabric quality just as much as you go up in the fit and color. We all want to go with clothes that are soft and comfortable to wear, have a good fit and then it should also smell as neutral as possible, so it is only the scents (eg your perfume) that we ourselves add that can be sensed in the fabric.

However, what with qualities is a little more complicated than that and can easily be misunderstood if you do not have your facts in order. T-shirts are available in many different cotton qualities, and the fabric is often categorized according to how many g / m2 it weighs and how it has been finished.

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The light t-shirt

We all know that feeling of standing down in a clothing store and letting his palm run lightly over a piece of clothing to feel the quality and immediately afterwards think: "WOW, how soft - I just HAVE to own this". It is especially the big and expensive brands that recall this feeling among their customers and are often also a decisive factor for their big sales. But unfortunately there is also a flip side to the coin. These companies know very well that their customers are easily affected by how the fabric on the clothes feels and have a big say in whether their customers want to buy their goods. These t-shirts are therefore often produced in a very light material (around 145 g / m2), which has been treated with enzymes and emollients that produce the "WOW effect" in their customers. The light material as such is not a problem, but the many emollient treatments unfortunately also mean that the quality is poor, and your t-shirt will therefore often also be transparent and will hang lifeless on your body.

The heavy t-shirt

Instead of one that is transparent and hangs lifeless on the body, you would probably much rather have a t-shirt in a quality that lasts a really long time, which is why you would think that a t-shirt with a fabric quality that weighs more is the way forward. It's not ... always! How much the fabric weighs depends on how thick the fabric has been woven and therefore means that the heavier the quality it is produced in, the heavier it will therefore also feel on your body.This may be very good, but who cares to have a t-shirt that weighs on the shoulders and is really warm to wear due to the very thick fabric? At the same time, it will never get a nice drop, and will really just look clumsy. This t-shirt will probably have a very long life, but unfortunately you will probably only wish that it did not have it.

TeeShoppens t-shirts

At TeeShoppen, we have through a long period of research, i.a. by listening to our customers' wishes, found out that the perfect t-shirt should meet some requirements that lie right in between these two. We hate the transparent and lifeless model, and we also do not particularly like the heavier model, which never really becomes comfortable to wear.

Some of the things we specialize in with our production of t-shirts are that they are delicious to wear, are cool to look at (they must have a nice fall on the body), and at the same time are produced in a delicious cotton material, which is why all our t-shirts are produced in 100% fine-combed cotton. We also agree that the fabric has the right weight, so it does not look lifeless or clumsy. This means that the vast majority of our t-shirts are produced in fabric that has a quality of 165 g / m2 - a nice and light material that has a nice and natural fall, as well as a nice and soft surface that will feels nice against your skin. We also have models of 220 g / m2, which differ in that they are a bit more expensive, and are produced in a slightly thicker material and can therefore be called a kind of "winter version" of the regular t-shirt.

As much as we go up in quality, we also always have a strong focus on the fit, knowing that the same fit is not equally nice for everyone. We have therefore spent time developing different types of cuts on our tees, so that both the high, low, thick and thin go from our shop with a stack under the arm, which they feel delicious and comfortable in - everyone deserves a t- shirt that fits perfectly!

We only want our customers to have a good experience by going with our t-shirts, much more than we want to get cash at the checkout. That is why our t-shirts are always produced in materials of the very highest quality, they are all OEKO-TEXⓇ certified, which is an assurance to our customers that our products do not contain harmful substances, and we always have them at razor-sharp prices .

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How do you find the perfect t-shirt?

It then leads us quickly on to you! Now we've talked about the t-shirt's history, different qualities and fits of 1500+ words, but it does not help anything if you can not now easily and conveniently go out and find the right t-shirt that fits you perfectly and which you feel comfortable in. Which one to choose of course depends entirely on what personal style you have and what body type you have. But there are still some very basic do’s and don’ts that are good to have in your deliberations.

The perfect t-shirt for men

Depending on what body type you have, it is first and foremost important to have a model you feel comfortable in. For example, if you are a very thin man, you can advantageously choose a slim fit model so that it does not hang lifeless on your body - you want a t-shirt that follows your body's movements. If, on the other hand, you are on the heavier side, we would clearly recommend that you choose a basic t-shirt rather than the obvious oversize model . The reason you need to be careful with an oversize model is because it can quickly make you look bigger than you really are.An oversize t-shirt is clearly preferable if you like the very special look that follows - namely the streetwear look - where you also like to combine it with a pair of baggy pants

If you are a very tall man, an extra length t-shirt will be the perfect choice. With a longline t-shirt you avoid the sweater creeping up when you stretch your arms over your head or bends you down. Beware of this model if you are not very tall, because it can easily make you look lower than you really are. If, on the other hand, you have a very muscular upper body, then a tight-fitting t-shirt will really benefit you. A muscle t-shirt will highlight your muscles in the right places - it sits, among other things. . to in the armhole, as well as across the chest.

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The perfect t-shirt for women

For women, roughly the same "rules" apply as for men, with a few exceptions. For women, the close-fitting model is ideal for you who want to show off your female forms. You could possibly choose a close-fitting model with v-neck to really bring your female attributes to the fore. If you want to be fashionable and want to look a little street and trendy, a oversize t-shirt will be ideal for you - combine it like with your favorite skinny jeans , as well as a pair of cool boots and you quickly have a look that can not be overlooked. You can also be brave and choose a cropped model that just shows off a piece of your well-trained belly - use it for a pair of your favorite high-waisted pants and you quickly get a really cool look.

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But all in all, it's really just about throwing yourself into it, both for men and women. It's basically about you having to feel comfortable in the model you are wearing - find your favorite t-shirt and wear it in several colors, so you can always achieve a new look day by day. Once you've found the model that hits the spot, stick to it - it never goes out of style and you can use it for the rest of your life!

Pursue the hunt for the perfect t-shirt - it can only go too slowly!

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