Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants

Large selection of Cargo pants

At TeeShoppen we have a wide selection of cargo pants or cargo pants, as they are called in Danish. When it comes to buying Cargo pants online, you can often save a lot of money. We have chosen to run with the same price in our physical store in Aalborg, which we have here on our webshop. We have over 10 different models and in 7 different colors, which makes us have a pair of pants for all types and events. We have placed great emphasis on the quality of our Cargo pants, and that is one of the reasons why we have chosen to give a 101-day return policy on all our trousers.

Below you can see our most popular models of Cargo pants for men:

As you can see in the above pictures of the products, we also have trousers with elastic at the bottom of the feet, which helps to make the look more casual and also gives a comfortable feeling when the trousers are in use. It is also an individual assessment whether you like the fit and look of the different models.

The classic Cargo mortgage

The most common Cargo mortgage model that we know in Denmark is the hugely popular Carhartt - cargo mortgage, which we can easily understand, as they have hit the spot on the quality and the fit is top notch. At Classic Cargo pants, we have chosen to take Carhhart's model as our starting point, so we have placed great emphasis on the quality of the fabric that has been used to produce the trousers.

We know how important the fit is on your Cargo pants! Therefore, 1200 of our customers who have bought a pair and based on their feedback on our questionnaire in collaboration with Urban Classic, have produced what we would think are the world's coolest and best Cargo pants. We are so sure of it that we have chosen to give 101 days return policy on them. This is your guarantee of being 110% satisfied with your new pants :-)

Cargo pants for men

Quality and good customer service are our core values. We therefore have 101 days return and 12 hours of customer service every day of the week. Our extra long return policy is your guarantee of being 110% satisfied with your trousers. We only deal with quality-conscious and quality-tested companies. Our cargo pants for men have therefore been thoroughly tested before they end up on our webshop. It has become very common in the street scene to see cargo pants for everyday use, where a few years ago it was most common among the workers. The popular trousers are also sometimes called utility pants instead of cargo pants.

Questions for our Cargo pants?

Our customer service is ready by email and telephones from kl. 09.00 - 21.00 every day of the week on 70 70 72 17. Our competent employees will guide you through your purchase, so you will be 110% satisfied. We know all about cargo pants for men.