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5 fat ripped hoodies

We have found 5 cool hoodies that our customers like best and have bought most of. In the last 12 months, we have analyzed which products our customers have bought the most from.

Ripped hoodie really came into vogue in 2016 after several of the famous musicians showed up on the red carpet in Hollywood wearing the new style.

Ripped Hoody in khaki with a bold fit. This is the best selling ripped hoodie we have. The color is in the original sand-colored hue. This color really came into vogue after Kanye West used the same shade of color in his clothing collection. The stylish and timeless color is a classic in the fashion world.

You can also shop our ripped hoodie at the best price on the market. We have it in stock in size XS - 3XL. The price is only 399, -. Buy here: www.teeshoppen.dk/ripped-hoody-khaki-limited

Ripped hoody - Pink has the same good fit as the khaki colored. The pink became a huge fashion trend on the American streetwear scene last fall. The third spread lightning fast to the rest of the world and we must also admit it has become a huge hit here in Denmark. The price is only 399, -. You can buy the pink ripped hoodie here: wwwteeshoppen.dk/ripped-hoody-lyserod

In the top 5 of the coolest ripped hoodies you will of course find an army green or perhaps better known as Olive green. It has been produced in a strong, high-quality cotton, which means that it does not lose color or fit in the wash. We recommend that you buy this hoodie in the same size as you normally use. The price is only 399, -. You can buy our Ripped hoody - Army green here: www.teeshoppen.dk/ripped-hoody-army-gron

Zip hoodie in a ripped version. Our Ripped zip hoodie in gray is with a durable YKK zipper and made in a graphic cotton quality. This hoodie does not lose its fit or color in washing. We have 101 days return on our entire ripped collection. The price is now 549, -. You can buy it here: www.teeshoppen.dk/ripped-zip-hoody-gra

Finally we have our Ripped hoodie in black. The black color can be used for almost any color which also makes this hoodie bold. It is an all over that fits everything you already have in the wardrobe. The price is 399, -. You can buy it here: www.teeshoppen.dk/ripped-hoody-sort