10 fede shopping tips til Black Friday 2021

10 cool shopping tips for Black Friday 2021

Then it's November again and that of course also means ‘Black Friday’ later in the month. To be more precise, the day always falls on the fourth Friday in November and this year it is the 29. November 2019 . This Friday, various stores and webshops are pushing prices all the way down, thus giving you the opportunity to shop at absolutely insane prices. Are you getting ready for the biggest shopping day of the year?

At TeeShoppen, we have been looking forward to this day for months, as we have the opportunity to give our customers some great discounts on our products. We love to make our customers happy, which is also why we spend a really long time planning a day like ‘Black Friday’. When you work in a webshop like the TeeShop, it is the event of the year and therefore we also want to make a little extra out of it for our customers - Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year!

Below we give you the 10 best tips for the best shopping experience on Black Friday 2021.

1. Start planning early

The key to a successful Black Friday is to start planning early. You may have several webshops to buy from during the day, so it is a good idea to click through to the websites the day before, as most stores publish their offers before Black Friday - then you are prepared for what awaits.

Then find the websites that have the highest priority for you and have them at the top of the list - bookmark if necessary. the websites so you can quickly click on them once it launches. Be prepared for what you want to buy on the day - is it something for yourself or is Black Friday the day where you want to start your Christmas gift shopping so your friends and family can get a slightly bigger gift, as you can buy more for the money?

2. Do research

One of the most important pieces of advice is to have your research in order before the day kicks off. During the day, you do not have time to get an overview of the many offers, and then you may risk missing out on some cool products, which you will later be annoyed that you did not get bought. Or you may end up buying something that you will later regret, as it all goes so fast.

Start your research a few days before by clicking on the websites that are relevant to you. Find out about possible purchases so you can be quick. You can possibly Make a shopping list of your purchases so that you have an easy and clear overview of what you intend to buy. On the TeeShop's website, you can possibly write down the product names on the products you want to buy, so you only need to use the smart search function when you need to find the products again on the day. This way you can be more efficient and thus ensure that you can quickly and easily get hold of the items you want before they may be gone.

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3. Create an account in advance

On most websites you have the opportunity to register as a customer in advance without necessarily buying anything. By creating a customer login for the webshop in advance, you do not have to spend time doing this on the day, and you can thus complete your purchase much faster.

When you register as a customer at TeeShoppen, you can save your delivery address and thus be able to easily complete your order , when it has to go fast. At the same time, you have the opportunity to log in later, where you will be able to see and track your order. Due to the great interest, a lot of traffic is generated on the websites Black Friday, so it will be an advantage for you to be able to get in and out again, as quickly as possible, so that you are not lulled down by a very slow website.

4 Sign up for newsletters

Some retailers promise special discounts to customers who subscribe to their newsletter - maybe even "early-bird specials". It is therefore important that you sign up for the newsletters that are relevant to you, so that you may have the opportunity to access some discounts before everyone else, which is why it is also a good idea for you to sign up for the lists for a few weeks. before. Then you ensure that you will be one of the first to know which discounts and good offers land in the shops and on various webshops.

Keep an eye on your mail both up to but also during the day, so you do not miss anything!

5. Get social

Make sure you follow all the webshops or stores you would like to shop at on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., so that you do not miss out on good offers or discounts that may appear during the day. You can advantageously press "see first" under the button "follow" on the dealers' Facebook pages - then you are assured that posts coming from them will appear in your newsfeed first. On Instagram, under the given profile, you can also tap on the three small dots at the top right and select "turn on posting notifications" - then you will receive a notification every time something is posted on the profile.

Feel free to sign up for relevant Black Friday events on Facebook, as here too ‘special deals’ can be hidden, which will only be released to those who sign up for the event. And of course, posting on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media is also the way forward when you want to share the best Black Friday deals with your friends.

TeeShoppens Facebook: www.facebook.com/teeshoppen

TeeShoppens Instagram: @ teeshoppen.dk

6. Buy early in the day

Most retailers do not have unimaginable quantities of items, so if you need to be sure to get your must-have items in-house, then it's about making your Black Friday purchases early in the day. Maybe there are also some who are already releasing their discount codes for midnight the day before or doing ‘early bird’ specials the night before. Here it is important that you are of course subscribed to various newsletters, so that you do not miss potential offers, which start the day before.

Make your Black Friday purchases early in the day, so you are sure that the items you have planned to buy are not sold out when you get clicked on the website later in the day.

7. Think long term

What events do you have in the coming months? Maybe you have a lot of Christmas lunches in December and then of course you have a Christmas Eve and a New Year's party to be held, and for all these events you obviously need new clothes. You were still thinking of going out and buying new outfits, so why not make it to Black Friday already, where you might be able to get your purchase much cheaper than if you wait until mid-December. So think now about what you would like to wear to the cool Christmas lunch with friends, the cozy Christmas Eve with the family and what you would like to kick off the new year with.

It can easily pay to be a little ahead of the slightly finer outfits up for Christmas and New Year - you can end up saving a lot of money.

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8. Buy the Christmas gifts for Black Friday

Start collecting all your wishes from your friends and family right now, so you have an overview of what the different ones want.Find the wishes you would like to give and write them down on a list, so you have an easy overview of which Christmas gifts to buy for Black Friday

Start collecting wish lists from your friends and family right now, so you can effectively make a plan of what things you should have bought and where you should buy them. That way, you can give your friends and family exactly what they want at lower prices than you will be able to get them for when you get further into December.

9. Set a budget

Well enough, Black Friday is this big price party, where retailers put their products down at insanely low prices, but you can also easily stare blindly at all the good offers, and suddenly you get to spend a whole lot of money , which was not expected to be used at all.

Therefore, set a budget for your Black Friday purchases so that you do not end up buying three Christmas presents for one and no one for the other - and then have no money at all to shop for yourself! It does not work at all! Therefore, get an overview in advance of how much money you can spend on the day and what you should spend it on.

Planning is key!

10. Have fun!

Black Friday should of course be a party day! Both as a consumer but also as a retailer.

The most important tip for Black Friday is therefore of course that you should have fun buying and chasing the great deals. At TeeShoppen we do a lot to make Black Friday a great day for you, so we should not just have a really cool day together and thus make Black Friday 2021 the wildest party of the year?

The countdown is already underway!