Vinterens helt store trend: farvede jakker

The big trend of winter: colored jackets

Now we have reached the time of year where we pack the light summer jackets away and go to find the slightly heavier and warmer jackets, so we can keep the Danish autumn wind and winter cold outside. We all think that the most important feature of the jacket is that it is warm, but we also think to a greater extent that it should look good and follow the trends of fashion. But what are the big trends in jackets for men and women this season? We have taken a look back at the catwalk this spring, where the jacket fashion for the winter season 2017/2018 was presented.

In Denmark, there is a tendency in the autumn / winter to dress in the slightly darker and gloomier colors, because they evoke warmth and a kind of security, which is why we therefore like to wear dark trousers and large warm sweaters. in the darker shades. The same self-invented "rules" also apply to our jackets - you know that the black or gray jacket will be able to go with everything in the wardrobe, and is therefore the safe choice when choosing your new winter jacket.

But, but, but… isn't that also the slightly more boring choice?

Why not erase the "rule" that the jacket should be in a gloomy color just because it is winter, and be a little more daring in your color choice? And fashion dictates it too: this season we need to hide the slightly more dull colors like black, gray and navy completely away, and instead dare to venture out into some more daring color combinations or run a whole tone-on-tone look. This winter, the rules for how we should dress are completely obliterated, and instead there is much more room to play with the colors and the way they are combined. We find to a large extent the sharper colors on the jackets this season, as well as the more colorful prints, which create a more trendy look.

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The catwalk has spoken: colors and prints are the big trend for AW / 2017

Who does not love to see the fresher and sharper colors adorn the street scene? At least we do, and this season we are lucky, because this winter everything is allowed! So now we really need to get started on the strong colors and bold prints on our jackets. The Danish autumn and winter months are a cold time, when it is the warm jackets that are at the top of the wish list. Finally, this autumn and winter, do not hold back from combining colors, prints or styles - winter 17/18 will be a pure party!

A trend that has emerged again and again in the last few years is the materials and styles from the sports world, which are repeatedly brought into the collections. It is therefore clear to see that the bomber jacket has been given a permanent place in the fashion picture together with the puffed down jacket, which also clearly recalls a very sporty look. You can therefore this season find these models in the very sharp colors such as yellow, red or blue, or with prints in different color combinations. For women, you will also find them in completely red or pink shades - and preferably in shiny materials.

Another very big trend that was presented on the catwalk was fur. Either full-length fur coats, the very short fur jackets or the stylish variant with a fur collar on the hood. And if you are not into real fur, you will also find them in faux fur, so you can still be in fashion without having to worry about the animals that have added fur to the jacket. Here, too, you should definitely not go down on either color or print - the more extravagant, the better - you should in no way be overlooked in the cold of winter this season!

Fashion tip: Whether you are a man or a woman, it is the trends from the sports world that you should especially look for this season and finally do not go down on the colorful prints, styles or delicious details - the more the better.Otherwise, for the women, it's just about getting the most 'fluffy' fur jacket you can find - and again choose it in a sharp color, so that the winter 2017/2018 will be pure party and colors!

Is it so completely flat with jackets in black or gray?

No, of course it is not!

Although it is the sharp colors such as red, yellow and blue that must be said to be the general trend for winter fashion 17/18, the slightly more dusty "nature" shades were also seen on the catwalk, such as army green, sand-colored or camouflage print This is how it is almost every year with the autumn / winter collections - on the one hand we see trends that go back to the good old days with the styles and colors that we know work, and on the other side we look ahead and experiment with the brand new trends.

So, no… it will by no means be entirely wrong to go with a jacket in black, gray or the more ‘nature-embossed’ colors this season, if that is what you are most comfortable with. But, if you choose your jacket in the darker, more toned down colors, then we would strongly encourage both the girls and the boys out there to experiment with their look in other ways this season - feel free to bring some color or print into your outfits , so that everything does not become so black-on-black or gray-in-gray.

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Jackets in colorful styles for men and women

We can not say it enough times: if you want to be completely fashionable this autumn / winter, then it's about daring yourself into some cool color combinations, where there is room to play with both styles, print and color your outfits.

The jackets can be in strong colors and it does not matter that you style your jacket with both hat, scarf and gloves in equally strong colors - the better you are at combining the strong colors, the fatter and a more fashionable look you will get. Drive if necessary. a tone-in-tone look, where you, for example, style your red jacket with a red hat and mittens - then you are definitely also completely in fashion this season.

At TeeShoppen, we love the colorful styles of jackets. You can easily put on very dark clothes in the autumn / winter, and then the jacket is a good way to stand out from the crowd. If you are looking to meet a trendy and colorful autumn / winter this season, then just get one of the colored or patterned winter jackets home.

It can hardly go too fast, because the winter cold has already announced its arrival… brrr!

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