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Cheap T shirts - How to shop safely -

Cheap t-shirts on the internet

Are you looking for new t-shirts at cheap prices on the internet? Do we have some good advice so that you as a consumer can achieve a good shopping experience and protect yourself against fraud when you shop. At we focus a lot on customer service and advice to the customer. if there should be any questions. We personally shop a lot on the internet, and have also tried to be disappointed a few times. Therefore, we have experienced it from both sides and tried to create a business where customer service is in focus.

Below we have written 5 good tips that you can use when shopping for cheap t-shirts on the internet.

  1. Is there a phone number in the webshop?

  2. Read their trust pilot and facebook profile before completing the purchase.

  3. Does the website look credible and is the price written in Danish kroner?

  4. Is there a CVR number at the bottom of the website?

  5. Is there an address on the website?

If you spend 2 minutes checking the website for the above things you are well on your way to having a great experience.

Cheap t-shirts for men

If you have seen our selection, you have found that we have a huge selection of different t-shirts and the fit. We have t-shirts that weigh 145 grams - 200 grams, so we have t-shirts in all qualities and sizes. You can see our best-selling t-shirt ( here ), which is a 165 gram t-shirt, which is produced with a fashionable fit, and is available in more than 17 different colors. Our basic t-shirts have the Oeko-tex label, which is your guarantee that no harmful chemicals have been used in the production. Our (Low price) t-shirts are the perfect t-shirt for the festival , the holiday or the activity day, where the most important thing is to look the same. There we have prices all the way down to 30, - per piece, which makes it one of Denmark's cheapest t-shirts. If you have questions about which t-shirt you should choose for your particular purpose, you can contact our customer service every day of the week on tel. 70707217 or on our email . We know all about cheap t-shirts for men.

Cheap Ladies' T-Shirts

In principle, men and women can use the same unisex t-shirt, but most of the time they will look very big for ladies. We have therefore also chosen to buy a wide selection of cheap t-shirts for ladies home so that we can avoid this problem. We have no minimum or max on our t-shirts, which is exactly why we supply t-shirts for all types of events and companies. We have more than 20 years of experience in the production of cheap t-shirts for women and men in all the colors of the rainbow. We have several different fits and fits in stock in our t-shirts for women. If you have questions, you can contact Josefine on tel: 70707217 or directly by email, .

Cheap kids t-shirts

At TeeShoppen we can also deliver t-shirts to the youngest members of the family. We have t-shirts all the way down to 4 years.