5 fede vinterjakker til mænd

5 cool winter jackets for men

5 cool winter jackets for men

Autumn has set in, and you can now really start to feel how the winter cold has begun to make its mark on the Danish weather. The time for winter jackets is just around the corner and if you have not yet got your outerwear under control, then it's time for you to get started!

A nice and warm winter jacket is essential for all men, so you can meet the winter without worrying about the biting cold you know from the Danish winter weather. When you wear your winter jacket, you should like to feel cool, stylish and fashionable, but you should also be able to stay warm and thereby feel comfortable on even the coldest winter days. The obvious choice is to choose a black winter jacket, because it is classic in the sense that you can use it for all kinds of clothes - by choosing black you will always look stylish and fashionable.

Which winter jacket should you choose

When you go out to choose your winter jacket in the autumn, remember that there are other factors that come into play than when you are out buying a new jersey, for example. You do not wear the sweater every day - you do have it with your jacket. It is therefore important that you buy a jacket that you can wear every day for several months - maybe even for several years, so you do not have to buy a new one every year. The question is then just which cut you think suits you best or best suits your everyday life, as well as how practical it should be.

Waterproof? Water repellent? Windproof? Breathable?

Yes, these are just a few of the features that winter jackets come with. It is not to be overlooked that the Danish weather is not always easy to count on, so it is worth considering whether you should have a winter jacket that can keep both rain and wind out, or whether you can really be content. with a winter jacket that can just keep you warm.

Is your everyday life characterized by many bike rides? You may cycle daily to and from school or work, or cycle frequently home to your friends, then the right choice for you will be to buy a winter jacket that can keep both rain and wind out. There is nothing worse than a jacket where you almost daily complain that you get wet because rain or snow penetrates, or you freeze because the wind penetrates the fabric of the jacket when you cycle down the hills on the way to school . If, on the other hand, you take the car or bus to school or work, you can easily settle for a jacket that is just really warm, so you can keep out the winter cold.

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What type of jacket do you prefer?

What function your winter jacket should have depends entirely on what type you are both in style, but also how your everyday life looks. Below we have listed 5 cool jackets - all in black - that cater to different styles and uses. With these choices, it should not be difficult to find a jacket that fits exactly to your taste and the uses you need in your everyday life.

The light winter jacket

The light Basic down jacket is a jacket that is good for autumn, when the winter weather has not yet announced his arrival. This lightweight jacket is good for you who want a warm jacket for the months over the autumn, when the weather is not yet cold enough to wear a winter jacket, but where the summer jacket is no longer enough either. The design is sleek and stylish with a practical hood and pockets with a zipper, and its weightless design means that you do not feel weighed down by too much fabric. This is a good offer for a jacket to be worn before the winter weather really takes hold.

This model is also available in olives and dark gray , or without hood

The classic winter jacket

The classic Basic Bubble Jacket is reminiscent of the popular North Face or Peak Performance jacket that you often see in the street scene. This one differs, however, by having a white zipper, which creates a good contrast to the otherwise very dark jacket. This jacket is simple and stylish in its look and it is practical for winter, as it has strong lining that can keep you warm, as well as a hood that can keep you warm around the ears. The quilted look is in the fashion industry right now, so with this jacket you are guaranteed a fashionable choice.

This model is also available in black / black , navy and olives .

The practical winter jacket

The practical Hooded Heavy Thumbhole Parka is a timeless classic. Its stylish and elegant look makes it suitable for all occasions. The jacket is nice, but at the same time also practical for the cold winter weather, as it is both water-repellent and windproof. The jacket is produced in Oxford cloth, which makes it quality-assured, and then it has polar fleece in the hood, which is guaranteed to keep you warm around the ears. If you are looking for a nice and simple jacket that is also practical at the same time, then this is the right choice for you.

This model is also available in gray .

The toned down winter jacket

The toned down Canvas Cotton Parka is a really good and practical winter jacket, as it is both wind and water repellent. Its toned-down look means that the jacket does not immediately catch the eye when you enter a room. The parka is a timeless classic, which is also why it has found its way to this list. The white lining gives it a stylish twist, and the drawstring at the waist gives the jacket a nice cut. We especially love the simple slit at the back, which gives it a classic and fashionable look.

The simple winter jacket

The simple Hooded Puffer Jacket is in many ways reminiscent of the classic Basic Bubble Jacket, but also different in many ways. This jacket is more toned down in its style, yet still very fashionable. Its hood is removable, which allows you to create different looks, depending on what you are wearing on the given day. The jacket is nice and warm and is also wind and water resistant, so it can be used in all kinds of weather. Another nice feature of this jacket is that it has elastic in the sleeves, which means that it fits on your wrists, so wind and rain can not penetrate up to your arms.

This model is also available in white .

Why buy one when you can get two?

You may be one of those people who dreams of one of the expensive North Face jackets or Peak Performance jackets, but your account lights up red and says "no thank you!". You may be somewhere in your life where it is not the expensive items that are highest on your shopping list right now, nor do you feel like borrowing money to buy a winter jacket. But a winter jacket will still be needed when winter comes to Denmark.

Winter jackets do not have to be the most expensive items in your wardrobe and you can easily find models that fit exactly to your style without having to waste so much money.Then it may also be that you can afford to buy two, so there is a jacket for the not-really-wintery, but also not-really-summery months throughout the fall, where it is appropriate with a transition jacket , which you can easily keep warm in when the temperature has not yet reached below freezing point

With a bold winter jacket the winter cold can only come. 1-0 to you!